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RECORDED Soundtrack Studio, March 1980
PERSONNEL Dave LINDHOLM (vocals, guitar), Ari VAAHTERA (bass), Zape LEPPÄNEN (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
labelcatalogue numberformatrelease date
Johanna JHN 2010 LP spring 1980
A1. C.C. Less 3:38
A2. T.H.E. World 9:59
A3. I'm in need 3:45
A4. Parahua 1:16
B1. Hop inside the wild cab 2:23
B2. ABCPW 1:38
B3. Burning 4:43
B4. Naked country 3:25
B5. Waiting for a heart 6:03
release details updated June 2nd 2008
Johanna LP
German X Records LP
Johanna 1989 CD with single bonuses
Johanna 2000 CD with live bonuses