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RECORDED Woodhouse Studios (Germany), May 1998
PERSONNEL Ville LAIHIALA (vocals), Miika TENKULA (guitar, keyboards), Sami LOPAKKA (guitar), Sami KUKKOHOVI (bass), Vesa RANTA (drums)

Waldemar SORYCHTA (keyboards), Birgit ZACHER (backing vocals)
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Century Media (USA) 7946-2 CD 1998
1. Kaamos 1:33
2. Farewell 3:45
3. Dead leaves 5:27
4. For the love I bear 3:28
5. One with misery 3:36
6. The suicider 3:44
7. The rain comes falling down 6:18
8. Grave sweet grave 3:56
9. Burn 2:46
10. Drown together 5:09
11. Let go (The last chapter) 4:25
12. Mourn 4:43
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German Century Media CD
US Century Media CD
Japanese Victor CD
1999 German Century Media "gold edition" CD with bonus tracks
2007 Italian Night Of The Vinyl Dead LP
2007 German Century Media limited deluxe CD with bonus tracks
2007 US Century Media CD with bonus tracks