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cover by Junnu Riihimäki  
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Lahden kaupungin kulttuurilautakunta HTLP-1 LP 1983
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A1. The TWEETY: Day after day (the night) 4:18
A2. NELSON DC: Oi Nooa 2:55
A3. The GROOVE NIGHT: Gallow zone 3:42
A4. The WIPELINERS: Girls 2:20
A5. KOSTI JA TELELAITOS: Laulu lapselle 4:51
B1. HIMMELI: This is happiness 3:45
B2. The WIPELINERS: You have gone 2:52
B3. The GROOVE NIGHT: Mabellene 4:12
B4. The TWEETY: Miss you 3:31
B5. VAU!!: Unelmat 4:52
picture updated November 20th 2006