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cover by Jukka Säteri and Juha Ruotsalainen
RECORDED Club Shelter, Tokyo (Japan), 1998 (live)
PERSONNEL M.J. DRONE (vocals), Gus GANGRENE (guitar), GEORDY (bass), LAMBERT (drums)
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Alternative Action Records A.A.036 LP 1998
A1. Lookalikes 3:27
A2. I just wanna be myself 2:45
A3. Sad so sad 2:33
A4. The change 2:43
A5. City drones 4:33
A6. Be my baby 2:46
A7. You'll lose 3:15
B1. Corgi crap 3:04
B2. Bone idol 1:42
B3. Movement 3:19
B4. No more time 3:38
B5. Sorted 3:31
B6. Lift off the balls 3:01
B7. Persecution complex 3:12
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Alternative Action LP
Alternative Action CD with 11 bonus tracks