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In 1986 Ari Voutilainen got frustrated with his old band Woude, because, despite promises, they hadn't been given the chance to make a new album. He also got tired of singing in Finnish, because at that time there was so many other bands singing about rainy nights, so he formed a "new" band, this time singing in English. The band could hardly be called new, since the lineup (Voutilainen on vocals and guitar, Jarmo Halttunen on bass, Risto Schiray on guitar, Antti Seppo on saxophone and Kimmo Kosenius on drums) was almost identical to Woude's lineup on their last single, only the drummer was replaced with Kosenius (who had also been a member for years). Tapio Siitonen joined the band to play keyboards. In regards to the music style the differences were greater. Wow-Dees reminds of the 1960's, Blues Brothers, even zydeco, especially on Talking machine, the A side of their debut single, released on Atte Blom's and Matti & Teppo Ruohonen's AMT label in 1987. A song called Love child can be found on the B side. Another single Hey mister/You got me goin' was released the same year. Voutilainen's husky voice and good pronunciation made the switch to English sound like a good idea, but I personally don't like Wow-Dees nearly as much as Woude. For example You got me goin' sounds exactly like Kari Peitsamon Skootteri! But that's just what it is, a basic rock'n'roll song.

Recordings for the anticipated album had already started before the single was released. The single tracks were actually just a foretaste of the forthcoming album (the B side of the first single was also included on the album). The recordings took place during the summer 1987 in Karjaa, and by fall they were finished. It was decided against putting the album out before Christmas, so One for the loving was released in early 1988. The album opens with You got me goin', which is the same version as on the single, despite the difference in length (on the album the song starts with a sound of a car starting). In my opinion there are two really good tracks on the album: I'll never find another you, a beautiful country-style love song, which definitely should have been released as a single, and poppier Candy girl 1. Otherwise I seldom listen to the record. There is also a sad story behind the closing track Never leave your friend alone: the death of Hessu Hiekkala (who played on Woude's debut album). Featured on the album were Puka Oinonen (guitar and mandolin), Antero Priha (trumpet), Esa Kotilainen (accordion) plus Suvi Ahola, Tiitta Spout, Kari Kalen and Pekka Aarnio on backing vocals. Production by Kalen, Aarnio and the band. The record sold quite well, about 3000-4000 copies, but soon the lineup changed: Kosenius and Schiray quit due to work and family reasons and Siitonen left the band to join Johnny Lee Michaels' band. First Pimme Korhonen (ex-Bad Sign, member of Sleepy Sleepers at the time) became the new drummer, but he was soon replaced by Jussi Sivonen. Lalli Leimio (ex-Young Farmers) joined the band to play guitar and Seija Pöyhtäri on keyboards. The new lineup played some gigs, but soon enough the story of Wow-Dees was over for good.

After Wow-Dees Voutilainen continued to play solo gigs, or as a duo with either Seppo or Heinäsirkka. He also joined U-Bayou, and recorded two albums with them. When U-Bayou broke up he continued gigging with Heinäsirkka, and appeared on her album Rautaa ja magneettia (Voutilainen's composition Tähden alla). Sadly he died in May 22th 2003. Kosenius played on Busters' album in 1993. Busters had originally existed before Woude (featuring Lauri Karhuvaara on vocals!), but in the 1990's they had reunited in order to record an album. He was also member of Fuckin' Hippies. Halttunen joined Problems, of which he had been member before Woude, and would again be later (1998-2007). Schiray was less active in the music scene, but he too joined Problems in 2005. Seppo moved to United States, but appeared on Hassisen Kone's '20 years later' concert in 2000, as he was member of the band in 1981-1982. The concert was also released on DVD.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen