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cover by Riipinen, Bremer & Jason  
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Cityboy CITYLP 8 2LP 1988
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A1. Criminal 3:19
A2. Some fun 1:53
A3. Cemetary walls 3:48
A4. Good morning headache 2:34
A5. Run rabbit run 2:24
A6. Somewhere out of the day 3:56
B1. Blank 2:51
B2. Walkin' on the wire 4:22
B3. Stepping stone 2:39
B4. Shade of the blade 4:39
B5. Paint it black 3:18
C1. Rattlesnake bite 3:25
C2. (I think I'm gonna) buy this town 3:12
C3. Roses have faded 4:00
C4. Nearby the hangingtree 3:21
C5. Black bird 3:43
D1. Pass that bottle (live) 3:34
D2. Ten foot cell (live) 4:10
D3. Maggie McGill (live) 4:37
D4. Search and destroy (live) 3:23
D5. Wishing well (live) 3:03
release details updated July 21st 2008
Cityboy 2LP
Cityboy CD