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cover by Topi Niiranen  
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Finnlevy FL 5035 LP 1977
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A1. ROLLICKS-BAND: My rock & roll lady 3:35
A2. HARD ROCK SALLINEN: Pikku nainen 4:07
A3. OLD C: Love me like a child 4:15
A4. TRIES: I only dance once (first version) 4:40
A5. BLIZARD: My angel 3:02
A6. H-BAND: Viis B 66 (= Class of '57, by The STATLER BROTHERS) 2:58
B1. HIGHWAY STAR: Come on 3:11
B2. JAM ROCK BAND: Close your eyes 4:14
B3. SULO'S ROCK BAND: Kivisydän 3:00
B4. KIELTOLAKI: I saw the city 3:48
B5. REVONTULI: Muistan vielä sun 3:35
B6. STARWAY: Dream 3:14
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