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HIM: AND LOVE SAID NO... 1997-2004
cover art by Natas Pop & Ville Valo, photo by Nauska  
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RCA/BMG (UK) 82876 606081 boxed set of 4 LP's+12" April 2004
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A1. Your sweet six six six 4:11
A2. Wicked game 3:54
A3. The heartless 4:02
A4. Our diabolikal rapture 5:20
B1. It's all tears (Drown in this love) 3:43
B2. When love and death embrace 6:08
B3. The beginning of the end 4:07
B4. (Don't fear) the reaper 6:30
B5. For you 4:00
A1. Your sweet 666 3:57
A2. Poison girl 3:51
A3. Join me 3:36
A4. Right here in my arms 4:02
A5. Bury me deep inside your heart 4:16
A6. Wicked game 4:05
B1. I love you (Prelude to tragedy) 3:10
B2. Gone with the sin 4:21
B3. Razorblade kiss 4:20
B4. Resurrection 3:39
B5. Death is in love with us 2:58
B6. Heaven tonight 3:19
A1. Salt in our wounds 3:57
A2. Heartache every moment 3:56
A3. Lose you tonight 3:40
A4. In joy and sorrow 3:59
A5. Pretending 3:55
B1. Close to the flame 3:46
B2. Please don't let it go 4:29
B3. Beautiful 4:33
B4. Don't close your heart 4:38
B5. Love you like I do 5:14
A1. Buried alive by love 5:00
A2. The funeral of hearts 4:30
A3. Beyond redemption 4:28
A4. Sweet pandemonium 5:45
A5. Soul on fire 4:01
B1. The sacrament 4:32
B2. This fortress of tears 5:46
B3. Circle of fear 5:27
B4. Endless dark 5:35
B5. The path 7:45
A1. Wicked game 3:54
A2. For you 4:00
B1. Our diabolikal rapture 5:20
B2. Wicked game (666-remix) 3:54
picture added September 6th 2007
Finnish Terrier regular CD
Finnish Terrier limited CD+DVD
German Supersonic regular CD
German Supersonic limited CD+DVD
UK RCA regular CD+DVD
UK RCA limited boxed set of CD+DVD
UK RCA promo CD
UK RCA limited 4LP+12"