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PENNILESS: Story of a punk
cover by Kimmo Kurittu and Kalle Aarikka, drawing by Jarkko Martikainen
RECORDED Cotton-Studio, 2002 - 2003
PERSONNEL Pekka ALISAARI (vocals, guitar), Mikko PERE (guitar, vocals), Ossi ALISAARI (vocals, guitar, percussion), Kimmo KURITTU (bass, vocals), Lasse ALISAARI (drums)

Jussi REUNAMÄKI (keyboards), Jarkko MARTIKAINEN (backing vocals on 1.)
labelcatalogue numberformatrelease date
A West Side Fabrication (Sweden) WeCD 220 CD-single June 2004
1. Story of a punk 3:23
2. The drapes 4:50
3. Carousel 3:37
4. A rising tide 2:54
picture added February 7th 2010