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cover by Petri Nuutinen, photo by Forefather Photos
RECORDED Lone Star Recording Studio (USA), October 1988
PERSONNEL Dave LINDHOLM (vocals, guitar, dobro on B2.)

Sarah BROWN (bass), Wes STARR (drums)

Dale DENNIS (double bass), Erik HOKKANEN (violin on A4.,A6. and B5.), Mel BROWN (piano on B1. and B4.), Alan HAYNES (guitar on A5.), Joe MORALES (saxophone and backing vocals on B3.), Kimmie RHODES (backing vocals), Maryann PRICE (backing vocals)
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RockAdillo Records ZEN 2015 LP late 1988
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A1. Missing 2:39
A2. There's been times 3:37
A3. Let the water run down 3:09
A4. She likes jazz 2:09
A5. Needless to say 5:20
A6. Stay here 3:49
B1. I'm gonna roll 3:20
B2. Getting ready for the wedding 4:01
B3. Simply 3:48
B4. Down to where 4:24
B5. Tired of working for you 4:45
B6. Finally home 2:31
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