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Castle CALP 24 2LP 1990
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A1. Apartment 51 4:59
A2. Paint it Michael and others, maybe 5:56
A3. Answer to life 4:48
A4. The day the bird of paradise looked down through a crack in the cloud and shed a tear 0:19
A5. Wolf at the door 4:26
A6. End of a poem 3:30
B1. Please Mr. Wilson 2:46
B2. Once more for the road 4:56
B3. The east is red 1:41
B4. Carpets and bags and balls 5:29
B5. Kauan kuljen 2:48
B6. Football 7:34
C1. For mods only (Chico HAMILTON) 4:56
C2. Hey, hey, hey 4:09
C3. Call me on your telephone 2:24
C4. Kirka BABITSIN: Anna suukko vain 3:25
C5. Only dreaming 3:25
C6. Faye 3:41
C7. Cherry cup-cake twist 3:50
D1. Kirka BABITSIN: Avaruuslaulu 5:08
D2. Sun of love 3:54
D3. The straight and narrow 1:25
D4. Hei vaan 3:43
D5. Semi-circle solitude 2:48
D6. Lucy Jane 8:01
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