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Virgin (UK) VGD 3503 2LP 1979
A1. Freddie are you ready 5:37
A2. International disaster 2:44
A3. Nuclear nightclub 2:45
A4. Eddie and the boys 4:05
A5. June may be too late 3:38
A6. Wardance 3:45
B1. Tramdriver 3:49
B2. Colossus 6:43
B3. Lucky golden stripes and starpose 6:38
B4. Never turn you in 5:07
C1. Jim PEMBROKE: Bertha come back 2:46
C2. Cheap evening return 5:32
C3. Jim PEMBROKE: A better hold (and a little view) 3:05
C4. The big farewell 6:30
C5. Jim PEMBROKE: Goddammadog (The horse) 5:19
D1. Helsinki nights 4:06
D2. Horace's aborted rip-off scheme 4:10
D3. Jim PEMBROKE: All over too soon 2:53
D4. Jim PEMBROKE: Masquerade at the white palace 3:51
D5. The item is the totem 4:54
D6. Daemon Duncetan's request 5:05
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