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Raw Power (UK) RAWLP 016 2LP 1986
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A1. Oriental beat (live) 3:14
A2. Back to mystery city (live) 4:32
A3. Love's an injection 3:24
A4. Lightning bar blues 2:36
A5. Mental beat 5:02
B1. Malibu beach nightmare (calypso version) 2:04
B2. M.C. baby 2:59
B3. Village girl 3:07
B4. Taxi driver 4:13
B5. Tragedy 4:07
C1. Visitor (live) 3:14
C2. Ice cream summer 5:10
C3. Whispers in the dark 3:35
C4. Cheyenne 4:00
C5. No law or order 3:41
C6. Fallen star 2:31
D1. Dead by X-mas 2:59
D2. Lost in the city 3:49
D3. Don't never leave me (live) 4:38
D4. Under my wheels (live) 2:48
D5. I feel alright (live) 4:45
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