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Lick Records (UK) LICLP 10 LP 1990
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A1. Boulevard of broken dreams (BBC studio live version) 3:43
A2. Rebel on the run 2:47
A3. Oil and gasoline 4:44
A4. Shakes 3:23
A5. Malibu beach nightmare (calypso version) 2:04
A6. Problem child 2:02
A7. I can't get it (BBC studio live version) 4:17
A8. Do the duck 2:46
B1. Two steps from the move (demo) 2:22
B2. Magic carpet ride 4:30
B3. I love you (demo) 2:06
B4. Don't you ever leave me (BBC studio live version) 4:11
B5. Underwater world (BBC studio live version) 5:30
B6. Willing to cross the ocean (demo) 4:15
B7. In the year 79 (a.k.a. It's too late) 2:16
picture added November 15th 2006
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