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covers by Vilu and Pimpu

Sur-Rur fans had to wait more than half a decade for a proper full-length release, but when the band finally got to do the debut album, it met, or even surpassed the high expectations.

Despite the very sparse instrumentation, the material is surprisingly diverse, ranging from slow and moody parts to almost-too-fast-to-handle parts, from beautiful melodies to noisy cacophony. The lyrics seem personal, sometimes scattered, but not in the way that makes the listener uncomfortable. The vocalist's voice is one of the strongest elements on the record: he sings with force, but unlike most one-dimensional shouting vocalists, still manages to deliver the song's melody. Sometimes the songs are so fast and there are so many words to sing, but even then it sounds really good (for example Typerysten aika, one of the best tracks on the album). Other highlights of the CD are the opening track Puolittain juuristaan vieraantunut kotiseutuhistorioitsija, and Murhamaailmassa (despite being almost too long, clocking nearly eleven minutes).

Apparently the CD has been out of print for a while. If you didn't get it when it was still available, good luck finding a copy (those who own the CD are hardly willing to part from theirs)!

text by Jarkko Kuivanen