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The first known Sehr Schnell lineup (Stressi, Adi, Bass Fallos and Max Hartmann) was formed in 1977. They got a record deal with Love Records, and headed to Microvox Studios in Lahti to record their first single. However, the results were unsatisfactory, so additional recordings were made in Love Studio, Helsinki. Around the same time, in summer 1978, the record company organized 'Pohjalla' tour, accompanied with the legendary album of the same name, consisting of new material from the touring bands, Sehr Schnell being one of them. Then Räpylä joined the band as the second guitarist. He had previously played in Trash, one of the first punk bands in Finland. After Sehr Schnell's second single was released, Bass and Max left the band to form the short-lived Mik Monto. The now vacant posts in Sehr Schnell were filled by new drummer Mauno and bass player Lepperi. With this lineup they made their third and last single. Then it was Lepperi's turn to exit the band. Räpylä switched from guitar to bass, as Rubberduck Jones, another man previously known from Trash, joined the band to play guitar. They played some gigs, and recording of an album was in the plans. The band did visit studio, but their new, more progressive style didn't please the record company, so the idea for a new single was scrapped. After that, in 1980, the band just faded away and ceased to exist.

None of the band members have been active in the music scene afterwards, with the exception of Rubberduck Jones, who had joined Pelle Miljoona already in 1979.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen