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Salo-based Pupukuusikko was built on the remains of Uutiset ja Sää, Totuuden Henki, Suomisen Ollin Tempaus and B-pojat in summer 1978. The original lineup was Erkki Hipponen: vocals & guitar, Jukka Seitz: bass & vocals, Kari Saarinen: guitar & vocals, and Pentti Degerström: drums. With Vaavi members they were also making a zine called Vatkain ja Aabell, and that way came in contact with Mikko Holmström and Miika Söderholm of Ypö-Viis, who also ran their own record label Karva-Levyt. So they got a chance to make a record, and the new wave-syle single Korkeajännitys/Kilpa-auto was released in early 1980. Then Seitz left the band, and was replaced by former Vaavi singer Tapio Nyman. They also switched to another record label, as the next single was released by Johanna. On Pupu6kko/Turmioelämää the band sing about themselves. The A side is pretty weird, but the song was compiled on Suomi-ilmiö and later on Punkrokki. The single was released in 1981, and soon after that the band broke up.

In 1982 Saarinen had already had a single out with his new band Korppi, and both Degerström and Nyman played on Kari Hipponen & Siniset Sydämet's single. Before the single Erkki Hipponen played bass in Kari Hipponen's band as well. Later Degerström played on Se's Lasi kirkasta vettä LP, on Yari's solo album and in Sahara. Saarinen has worked as a guitar teacher. Of his bands Borderline is worth mentioning: the band was originally active in the mid 1980's, but their music wasn't widely available until 1998, when their newly recorded songs were featured on Dedication to the swan, a compilation introducing Salo-based bands. Erkki Hipponen worked in Salo library, and apparently later moved to Helsinki. He appeared on Pojat's Punk it, doing guest vocals on their version of Korkeajännitys. Vaavi's song Mihin jäi punk got similar treatment on the same album, with Nyman on vocals.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen