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At Tuomo's 3:31 Spraybeat
THE JOB more
Deal 5:10 THE JOB more
Don't bring me down 4:41 THE JOB
Don't bring me down
Freedom 3:26 Spraybeat
Funkalogy 7:49 OPEL BASTARDS
Funking (original version) 3:56 OPEL BASTARDS
Funking (second version) 6:05 Sagittarius
THE JOB more
Jet black man 4:04 THE JOB more
J.F.K. book depository dub 3:17 Funking
Masqued lover (12" version) 4:37 Scorpius more
Money 2:06 Scorpius more
The new beginning 0:18 OPEL BASTARDS
Sagittarius 7:51 Sagittarius
Sagittarius II 5:39 Sagittarius
Sagittarius III 7:07 THE JOB more
Sagittarius 3 more
Sagittarius III (radio edit) 4:01 Sagittarius 3
Scorpius 5:15 Scorpius more
THE JOB more
Scorpius (radio edit) 3:47 Scorpius
Sinulle (For you) 6:37 Scorpius more
THE JOB more
Spraybeat 4:43 OPEL BASTARDS
Tantor 0:57 THE JOB more
Telephone 3:03 THE JOB
Brewski (Snake Plissken '96 mix) 5:24 THE JOB
Don't bring me down
Funking (Detroit Grand Pubahs remix) 5:08 Sagittarius 3 more
Funking (Jimi Tenor & Nicole Willis remix) 5:02 Funking
Funking (Terranova remix) 5:41 Funking
Masqued lover (andante) 4:20 THE JOB more
Sagittarius III (disko flavour remix) 6:22 Sagittarius 3 more
Sagittarius III (DJ Slow remix) 4:58 Sagittarius 3 more
Spraybeat (Eagle mix) 5:42 Spraybeat
THE JOB more
German Form&Function/Zomba/Cool Globe CD
German Form&Function/Zomba/Cool Globe 2LP
2008 Jupiter CD with bonus tracks
German Form&Function/Zomba 12"
German Form&Function/Zomba CDEP
German Form&Function/Zomba/Cool Globe 12"
German Form&Function/Zomba/Cool Globe CDEP