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Seal On Velvet SV-01 mini-LP 1988
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A1. LEPUTATION Of The SLAVES: It's my life (ANIMALS) 3:45
A2. Kullervo KIVI & GEHENNA-YHTYE: Kolmatta linjaa takaisin (= Beautiful in the rain, by The Tony HATCH SOUND) 2:58
A3. PIMPLINE & The DEFENITES: Shimmy shimmy kokobop (LITTLE ANTHONY & The IMPERIALS) 2:40
A4. ADOLF Und Die FREIE SCHEISSE: Springtime for Hitler (from the movie The producers (Brooks)) 2:40
B1. LEPUTATION Of The SLAVES: Speak up mambo (Castellanos) 3:59
B2. Kullervo KIVI & GEHENNA-YHTYE: Seinillä on korvat (= The walls have ears, by Elvis PRESLEY) 2:43
B3. LEPUTATION Of The SLAVES: Riders on the storm (The DOORS) 2:42
B4. PIMPLINE & The DEFENITES: All I have to do is dream (The EVERLY BROTHERS) 3:22
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Seal On Velvet mLP
Seal On Velvet/EMI 2006 CD