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Afternoon in the hideout 4:29 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Bag of tricks 2:15 NEW THRILL
Break my heart 2:32 NEW THRILL
Can it be? 2:48 NEW THRILL
Carnation girl 2:15 PAINT THE SUBWAY BLUE
Count me out 3:59 ELEMENT X
Dominoes 3:43 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Drift away 4:27 ELEMENT X
Element X 3:48 ELEMENT X
From beyond 3:13 FROM BEYOND
The fuzz 2:35 ELEMENT X
Get to grips 2:27 NEEDLE'S EYE more
House of wax 4:03 House of wax
I'm with you 2:43 House of wax
It's over 2:35 NEW THRILL
Love we never had 2:27 NEW THRILL
Made your bed 2:55 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Miracles 3:15 ELEMENT X
Needle's eye 3:58 NEEDLE'S EYE more
New thrill 1:25 NEW THRILL
One spy too many 4:18 Word
One spy too many (album mix) 4:13 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Out of control 2:35 NEW THRILL
Paint the subway blue 3:18 PAINT THE SUBWAY BLUE
Penguin walk 4:08 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Penguin walk (alternate version) 4:12 NEEDLE'S EYE
The place 2:41 ELEMENT X
Place to be 3:44 NEEDLE'S EYE more
The reaper 1:26 NEW THRILL
Reflections 2:57 ELEMENT X
Rosy shades 2:55 PAINT THE SUBWAY BLUE
Sands of Mars 2:33 FROM BEYOND
See you again 2:42 NEW THRILL
She's crying 3:25 NEW THRILL
Something 3:36 ELEMENT X
Space cafe 3:24 ELEMENT X
Strange looks 2:56 FROM BEYOND
Tell it like it is 3:37 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Tides of times 3:51 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Timeslip (part 2) 3:58 ELEMENT X
Tonight 3:41 NEW THRILL
Transatlantico 3:32 ELEMENT X
Tune-a-lube 3:20 ELEMENT X
Walking on the wire 4:09 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Why dontcha like you 2:13 FROM BEYOND
Word 3:40 Word
Would you believe? 3:03 NEW THRILL
Zero gravity mood 3:23 NEEDLE'S EYE more
Destination Uranus CD
German Twang! Records LP