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Kaaos was born in spring 1980. In the early stages the lineup included members from the preceding band, Amiraali Nelson, until during 1980-1981 it came to be Pena, Jakke, Kake and Timpa. Kaaos played their first gig in August 16th, 1981 in Toijala, and in the following autumn they made one the first Finnish hardcore punk recordings, The split EP with Cadgers, released on Vote Vasko's P.Tuotanto label. Kake, the vocalist on the first recording, soon left the band, and guitarist Jakke became vocalist-guitarist. There were other major lineup changes as well: before the next recording (Totaalinen Kaaos EP), Nappi (later Riistetyt, Kuolleet Kukat, Positive Negative etc.) had joined the band on bass, and Jaska (later Riistetyt) on drums. It's interesting to notice that each recording was made with a different lineup.

In 1984 Kaaos released a full length of their own (Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos), and a split album with Terveet Kädet (So much fun). Their first European tour took place the same year. In the mid 1980's many former punk rock bands changed their style to speed metal or such, but Kaaos didn't want to go that way, so they decided to quit in 1985. After Kaaos Jakke played in many bands, including Kuolleet Kukat and Positive Negative, until Kaaos made a reunion in the Lepakko farewell concert in 1999.

More Kaaos's old material became available as EP's Nukke and Valtio tuhoaa ei rakenna, containing previously unreleased recordings from the 1980's, were released in the 1990's. After the Lepakko gig in 1999 Kaaos became active again, and a new split EP with Svart Aggression was released in 2000. Ismit was released the next year. During the next couple of years Kaaos gigged extensively, including a European tour in 2002, until Jakke disbanded the band in April 2005.

Despite numerous requests to have Kaaos on stage again, Jakke's decision stuck, until in October 2007 Kaaos made an appearance (in original lineup!) in Tavastia Club, in the release party of the book "Parasta Lapsille". That proved to be the final Kaaos show, as Jakke died a month later in November 29th 2007. (R.I.P. Jakke)

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen