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Adagio majestoso op.3 a-minor 3:04 TRUE TALE
Autumn 3:37 TRUE TALE
Behind the deadzone 4:36 Behind the deadzone
Castaways in time 4:45 Castaways in time
The chosen one 4:13 TRUE TALE
Cosmic connections 4:23 TRUE TALE
Cry your eyes out 4:09 THE FIRST AT LAST
Darker side of mind 3:39 THIRD
Death machine 3:41 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Death row 4:34 THIRD
Despair 4:04 DESPAIR
Drifting 4:35 THIRD
Far far away 2:50 THE FIRST AT LAST
Fast lane 3:58 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Feet down on the ground 4:55 TRUE TALE
Forgotten parachute 4:15 THE FIRST AT LAST
The F-word (Everything's gonna blow up) 4:21 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Hitch-hiker's blues 3:08 TRUE TALE
Hot road metal 3:38 THIRD
Indian soul 3:12 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Intruders 3:39 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Kiss your life goodbye 4:25 Shadow of sadness
The last and slow one 5:36 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Leave me baby 4:44 DESPAIR
Mama's little angels 2:47 THE FIRST AT LAST
Missused fears 3:57 THIRD
Move over 4:02 DESPAIR
Nightride & sunrise 3:43 TRUE TALE
On the run 3:43 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Out of law 4:43 TRUE TALE
Over the lands 4:23 THIRD
Paid to kill 3:15 The tryout
The passing of time 3:55 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Prisoners of freedom 3:45 THE FIRST AT LAST
Quick and dirty 3:41 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Restless soul 3:48 THE FIRST AT LAST
Rock the boat 3:31 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Roses and barbed wire 3:27 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Saga of silent soldier 5:26 THE FIRST AT LAST
See the sign 3:35 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Shadow of sadness 3:30 Shadow of sadness
Shaman's dance 3:29 THIRD
Silver bracelet 3:05 Behind the deadzone
There will come a time 3:40 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Tramp's soul - Homebird's heart 4:21 Castaways in time
The tryout 4:38 The tryout
Tube sight 4:01 THIRD
Vinyl dumbbells 5:33 TRUE TALE
Vinyl dumbbells (single edit) 4:32 Castaways in time
What does it matter? 3:47 FROM DAWN TO STORM
Wild imagination 4:00 THIRD
Wise wisdom 3:30 THIRD
You're so faraway 3:25 DESPAIR