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Hardcores was formed in early 1990's by Toni and Ana, who had known each other for years. The band was originally called "Toni & The Hardcores", a temporary name given to the band for lack of a better one, but it stuck. It was shortened to "Hardcores" a couple of years later. Toni and Ana were soon joined by drummer Nuusku, and a bit later by bass player Pete. With this lineup they played some gigs and made some recordings in their rehearsal place. In 1992 Nuusku moved away, and new drummer Janne joined in. Later Pete was replaced by Timppa, and Tomppa joined as a second guitarist.

In 1995 the band visited Tico-Tico Studio, and their first release 'Eedenin polttaja' was released. Next year there was two more studio visits and two more releases. During and after that they kept playing gigs, mostly in northern Finland. Again their drummer moved away, and new guy Antti joined in. With him, their sound became a little more metallic. But the band's days were numbered: although they played some gigs and made some home recordings, they lost their rehearsal place, and finally also Toni moved away. Hardcores was disbanded.

In 1999 some of the studio recordings from 1996 were released posthumously.

text by Jarkko Kuivanen