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in 1987 Pena Luomakangas's and Pasmo Riihelä's previous bands (Nymfodite and Maanalainen Flanelli, respectively) had broken up, so it was time to form a new one. With Kötsi (also from Maanalainen Flanelli) recruited to play bass, the new band drew influences from sources like Birthday Party, Screaming Blue Messiahs, The Stooges etc. Originally Pera Lipiäinen was meant to be the drummer, but he was too busy with his other band Barefoot Brothers, so he was replaced by Teppo Vilenius (previously Maho Neitsyt). A little later the quartet went on to record a demo tape, and asked Jussi 'Voude' Voutilainen to produce it, but instead of just producing the session, he joined the band as the second guitarist.

On stage the band presented a fierce and energetic show, got positive reviews in music magazines, as well as a record deal with ComeBack, a Turku based label. As a result, single Sleep away, my son was released in 1988, and recording of an album was planned. However, between the recordings, the band had gone through changes in its style: during the summer part of the band played as street musicians, bringing new ideas and interests, more acoustic tones, soul, reggae and so on. When the album In the locosonic world finally came out, it was a mixed bag: partly electric, partly acoustic.

Not all band members were happy about the new sound, so, after recording the album, Kötsi and Vilenius quit the band. Replacement players, more inclined to the new style, were hired: Jukka Valtonen (later Hakaniemi) on bass and Pasi Paksuniemi on drums. The new lineup worked well: gigs were plenty and well received, and things looked good. A four-song demo tape was recorded, but in late fall 1990 Riihelä announced that he had had enough. Noise In Dirt broke up. A little later majority of the band continued as Going Public.

text by Jarkko Kuivanen