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Alligator river 3:31 BLACKSMITH BLUES more
Beaver fever 3:01 GUTS
Blacksmith blues 3:37 BLACKSMITH BLUES more
Boulevard of broken heart 'n' vinyl 4:39 QUALITY TIME
Breasts of modesty 3:55 GUTS
Call me Leonard Nimoy 3:41 SUPERCHARGED
The deal 3:40 QUALITY TIME
Drinkin' with Lee Marvin 3:41 GUTS
Eat my wiener 3:00 SUPERCHARGED
Ghostbastards 5:28 GHOSTBASTARDS
I am no human - a robot! 3:03 BLACKSMITH BLUES more
I'm so goddamn loaded (I don't mind) 3:33 SUPERCHARGED
Inspector Callahan 2:23 GHOSTBASTARDS
Karzan - The real king of the jungle 3:59 QUALITY TIME
Kowalski stomp! 3:00 SUPERCHARGED
Limousine 3:08 BLACKSMITH BLUES more
Long way back from Austin, Texas 3:07 GHOSTBASTARDS
Men on the loose 1:50 GUTS
Movin' on 3:50 GUTS
My kind of girl (smells like gasoline) 2:24 QUALITY TIME
Party's over!! 3:36 GHOSTBASTARDS
Plane crash! 2:30 QUALITY TIME
Road to ruin 4:07 SUPERCHARGED
See my guts burning 4:27 GUTS
She-wolf 2:43 SUPERCHARGED
Supervixen   NOT PSYCHO ENOUGH? VOL. 2
Telly Savalas blues 4:01 GHOSTBASTARDS
Wife killing blues 2:48 BLACKSMITH BLUES
Lorna Records 7" EP
Lorna Records CDEP