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All is in your hands 4:45 SWEAT'SHIT
Brand new Cadillac 1:51 FLY
Bye bye boy 3:10 SWEAT'SHIT
C'mon outside 2:19 SWEAT'SHIT
Come back baby 2:40 FLY
Do the shake 3:21 FLY
Dreamin 2:40 SWEAT'SHIT
Dänsing party 2:34 FLY
Great balls of fire 2:55 FLY
Heute Abend (single version) 2:20 Sweat brains
Heute Abend (album version) 2:25 SWEAT'SHIT
I'm leavin you 2:42 SWEAT'SHIT
I wanna be your boyfriend 4:06 FLY
Lady 2:59 FLY
Little bit'o fun 2:44 FLY
Little sister 2:39 FLY
Nervous breakdown 2:25 SWEAT'SHIT
Nigger baby 1:48 SWEAT'SHIT
Oh Carol 3:29 FLY
Palisades Park 2:24 FLY
Senator G. 1:22 SWEAT'SHIT
Somebody help me 3:11 FLY
Sweat brains (single version) 2:05 Sweat brains
Sweat brains (album version) 1:44 SWEAT'SHIT
You make me cool 1:35 SWEAT'SHIT
Your love is a game 3:28 SWEAT'SHIT