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The legendary Tampere hardcore punk band Riistetyt was formed in late 1981, when the former guitarist Perry was replaced with Raipe in the band's previous incarnation Cadgers, and the name was changed to Riistetyt. This lineup (Lateri-vocals, Raipe-guitar, Piise-bass, Stydy-drums) recorded their first EP Laki ja järjestys, and it was released in 1982. Soon after that Piise left the band, Raipe switched to bass and Perry returned to play guitar again.

Next they entered studio to record their first album called Painajainen, but the material wasn't released until the 2000's under the name HC revival. The CD was transferred from a C-cassette, since the original master tapes were lost right after they were recorded. Even though the album wasn't released back then, five tracks made it on the first Propaganda compilation LP before the tapes vanished. After the incident Riistetyt returned to studio to re-record the songs, plus some new material. The recordings were finally released when Valtion vankina LP came out in 1983.

Then it was Raipe's turn to leave the band, and Piise to return. Skitsofrenia mini-LP was recorded, only to be followed by yet more lineup changes: Piise and Stydy quit, and new members Nappi and Jaska were recruited from Kaaos. Again the new lineup hurried to studio, and recorded songs for Tuomiopäivä EP (which wasn't released until 1991), and a little later Nightmares in darkness LP. For some reason the LP's bass tracks were later re-recorded by Perry. The other side of the LP was recorded live in Puntala-rock festival.

In 1984 Perry was performing his compulsory military service, so Rike joined in, at first as a temporary replacement, but then he became a permanent member of the band. At the same time Nappi and Lateri were working on a side project called Holy Dolls, which was originally meant to be nothing more than that, a side project. Riistetyt recorded Raiskattu tulevaisuus LP before project Holy Dolls, or Pyhät Nuket in Finnish, grew bigger than originally planned. Due to Pyhät Nuket’s growing popularity and recent shift in Riistetyt’s style, it was decided to put Riistetyt on hold for an indefinite time, and focus on Pyhät Nuket. Before that Nappi left both bands. Still, with the new bassist Miki (from Tampere SS) they made a Riistetyt tour in USA, where they were sometimes billed as Holy Dolls.

It took no less than fifteen long years until Riistetyt were activated again, when the band played at Lepakko farewell concert in 1999. The actual comeback didn't happen until January 2000, though. The lineup was Lazze-Nappi-Raimo-Timo, until Vege joined them as the second guitarist. With this lineup they recorded Tervetuloa kuolema EP. Then it was time for brothers Raimo and Timo to leave. Vege continued as the guitarist, and Perttu joined the band as the new drummer.

In 2001 Riistetyt toured in Europe and Kuka valehtelee LP was released, and later that year they made their first Brazilian tour. The next year they toured again in Europe, and in 2003 the mini-LP Orjat ja kurjat was released, and more touring in Scandinavia and Brazil. Next years brought more touring (Europe in 2004, USA in 2005) and a new EP called Kahleet, released in 2005. In 2007 Perttu had to leave the band, and was replaced with Jukkeli (Turun Tauti, Sotatila etc).

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen