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While Riistetyt was on a break due to Perry's compulsory military service, Riistetyt's bass player Nappi and vocalist Lateri started a side project called Holy Dolls, with plans to record slightly different, darker music. In studio Nappi played all bass and guitar tracks, Lateri sang, and Stydy (ex-Riistetyt) played drums. Nothing else was originally planned for Holy Dolls, but when they were mixing the tapes, Rike walked in, and he suggested to form a real band that would play the kind of music they had recorded. At the same time the undermanned Riistetyt was booked for a gig, so Rike was asked to fill in. And when Bastards broke up, Rike joined Riistetyt as a permanent member. The Holy Dolls lineup was the same, but the name was changed to Pyhät Nuket (literal translation to Finnish) by record label's (Finnlevy) request.

In 1984 Pyhät Nuket's first album Kuoleman sotatanssi was released. Soon after that Nappi left both Riistetyt and Pyhät Nuket, and Riistetyt was put on hold. First Perry was recruited as the new Pyhät Nuket bass player, but he still didn't have time for it, so that didn't work out. Jakke from Kaaos was also in the lineup for one day's time. Later, before the second album Enkelit sulkivat silmänsä was released in 1985, Pyhät Nuket got a permanent bass player as Miki (ex-Tampere SS) joined the band, and Make became the keyboard player. As their fame grew, so did the conflicts between the bandmembers. So, after Tuhlaajapoika 12" was released, Pyhät Nuket broke up.

The band's original name Holy Dolls was later put back in use when Lateri formed a new band with new members.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen